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Hair Problems

The Hair Cabinet of Dr. Keulen Kliniek specializes in medical and cosmetic hair problems. Ranging from dull hair to baldness.

Hair Problems
Tens of thousands of men and women face every day with her problems: thin, dull, lifeless hair, bald patches, scaly scalp (dandruff), partial or total baldness. Sometimes it's not a problem. Parties are canceled, avoiding public gatherings and everyday detour postponed until late at night. Then the hair has become an obstacle for normal operation.

Avoid go bald
Does your family hair loss (baldness) for? And are you worried about your own hair? Contact with Hair Cabinet. Provided timely discovery, hereditary baldness is treatable with special means. Nobody has more bald if he does not want.

Hair research
Please make an appointment for her research. This research includes imaging (photographs of your hair), blood tests and a consultation. Then we start the treatment, precisely tailored to your hair problem. In addition, we conduct periodic audits to assess the effect of therapy and possibly make adjustments.

Call Dr. Keulen Kliniek Schimmert: tel 045-4041111
Call Dr. Keulen Kliniek Tilburg tel 013-4685900

For whom?
The Hair Cabinet of Dr. Keulen Kliniek treats people with:

  •     baldness
  •     bald spots
  •     thin hair
  •     dull, lifeless hair
  •     scalp scaling (dandruff)


How to grow hair?
The causes of androgenic alopecia (genetic male pattern baldness) are largely unknown. Everyone at birth about 100,000 hair follicles on the head. Each hair follicle produces on average 25 times a hair. A hair cycle includes a growth phase, a resting phase and a falling phase. The hair on the head are at different stages. Every day 100 to 150 hairs fall out and after washing twice. These are normal. The growth phase of scalp hair lasts four years. A quick calculation shows that a man to his hundredth year (25 x 4) can have a full head of hair.

What disturbs the growth?
The growth phase of hair can be disrupted due to baldness. Major culprit is the hormone dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is formed from the male hormone testosterone under the influence of the enzyme 5 a-reductase. This shortens the growth phase dihydrotestosterone in certain parts of the head (bays, crown, and the level of separation) from four years to two to four months. This means that you are 20 years of age can be pretty bare. The hairs are thinner and lighter in successive growth phases. At some point there will be no hair from the follicle out. A bald spot.

Your treatment
There are various methods for treating baldness. This depends on personal preference and the degree of baldness. The Cabinet of Dr. Keulen Kliniek always offers customized.

You get individual advice.

Scientific research has shown that hair loss will stop the transfer of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is inhibited. Depending on the baseline you get another full-looking head of hair. The drug finasteride has this effect. Finasteride is also a side effect. For prolonged use, namely the prostate smaller. This has the advantage that you get less prone to enlarged prostate symptoms with the dribble and a smaller radius.

Other resources
Finasteride addition, there are other ways to reduce baldness:

  •     Dutasteride
  •     Aminexil
  •     Minoxidil lotion
  •     Diana pill
  •     Androcur

These resources are part and drugs prescribed by a qualified physician, after research has shown that therapy is most appropriate.

Another option is to redistribute the remaining hair, or hair transplantation. Even in the most advanced stages of male pattern baldness in men remains an edge on the back that are insensitive to the dihydrotestosterone. Hair follicles of the hairy edge to a bald spot on the head to be moved elsewhere, keep new hair follicles that produce hair. There are several techniques to perform a hair transplant. We guide you in choosing the transplantation technique and the choice of the center where hair transplantation takes place. Also, the results of treatment monitored by her Cabinet. This will ensure the quality of hair transplants.

In order to disguise baldness or bald spots, we can advise in the selection of her works and weaving.