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Your body needs essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, the right fats, enzymes and amino acids. A lack of it can cause or aggravate ailments. With orthomolecular therapy, we fill the shortage of vitamins and trace elements again. This works both curative and preventive. With the right combination of nutrients to be applied, is common and recovery can be prevented worse.

The preventive effects of good nutrition combined with proper nutritional supplements are well known and proven. It is difficult to create a right choice from the wide range of available preparations. Therefore, an expert, individual advice from a qualified orthomolecular doctor, essential for optimal results.

For whom?
Dietary supplements are useful when:

  • your body can not absorb some nutrients, causing a shortage;
  • extra nutrients you need for your lifestyle (exercise, smoking, alcohol etc);
  • your resistance is greatly reduced;
  • you suffer from chronic fatigue;
  • you have heart problems, joint problems or have bowel problems;
  • you have eye problems.

What preparations?
When Dr. Keulen Kliniek we provide a number of specimens, whose operation has been thoroughly tested:

Cheleform is a high dose multi-preparation, our clinic developed and tested. The capsules contain a complex of chelated minerals and vitamins all pure. It contains no iron or copper (usually unnecessary and even harmful). The unique chelate is easily absorbed by the gut. The composition is such that this supplement - unlike normal vitamin - without objection prolonged use.

It is recommended for athletes, fatigue, reduced resistance increased need due to illness or unhealthy lifestyle.

Bowel Probiotics
Bowel Probiotics (Muliprobiotic 4000 and SBC) are given in high doses to the resistance and to optimize bowel function.

Vital joint
Vital joint is an effective combination of chondroitin and Clucosamine that (possibly in combination with the natural painkiller Kappa residual) joints and tendons get better performing.

Acetyl Cartin
Acetyl-Cartin is used for fatigue and successful weaning from alcohol and nicotine.

Coenzyme Q10 with Taurine
Coenzyme Q10 with Taurine is beneficial in heart disease. It improves the rhythm and pumping action.

Your treatment
You can use these and other supplements directly from us, call or e-mail.

Will you first take supplements? Make an appointment for a consultation with the Dr. Keulen Kliniek. The doctor looks at what resources are meaningful to you