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The Dr. Keulen Experience


The Dr. KeulenClinic uses a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Here we employed the staff who work with us.

We also work closely with a team of specialized radiologists, doctors, psychologists and laser specialists who work in our clinic. Flexibility and expertise go hand in hand.

Rob van Zandvoort, medical director
Josina Rouwette, organizational manager
Hans Gademan. echografist
Team physician assistants Tilburg
Team physician assistants Schimmert
Rob van Zandvoort, medical director
"Health is a great thing. In my profession I can make an important contribution to human health. It is through early detection screening and advice. It is encouraging to see how many clients after several visits to feel better. Or by another lifestyle, or by a preventive intervention. Set a good example for me is not logical: moderate with eating and drinking, smoking, stress-reducing and especially doing enough to invest time in movement. It's just not my intention to live longer, but also to quality of lives. I experience the pleasure of catamaran sailing with my son, 2 x weekly mountain biking and photography. "

Josina Rouwette, organizational manager
"Behind the scenes, I am responsible for managing the administrative, personnel and customer service. After 25 years still a fun job! I have the Dr.Cologne Clinic grow into what it is: a small, professional organization where the customer is treated with warmth and deference. In 25 years we have hardly ever had a complaint. I'm proud of. "

Hans Gademan, echografist
"In 1991 I started from curative care at the Dr.. Cologne Clinic. I look after the execution of all function examinations and ultrasound scans. Prevention is an interesting item in health care, it requires a different vision and approach. I believe that quality, integrity and accuracy in the industry in favor of the client.The small scale, short lines and the peer collaboration is Dr.. Cologne Clinic for me a very pleasant working environment. "

Team physician assistants Tilburg

Dian Vermeulen - Rock
"The nice thing about this work I find the variety. Clients receive paperwork and practical medical procedures such as blood pressure and blood samples.I am also active as an assistant to the Cabinet of Dr. Hair. Cologne Clinic. I enjoy the personal care and attention I can give to clients. "

Coby van Opstal
"Since the eighties I have been working at the Dr. Cologne Clinic. I have seen it grow to what it is today. I have worked with and I am proud of. Because I work here so long, I know almost all clients personally. The contact is never distant. We put people at ease, the coffee is ready and there follows a detailed explanation of the study. There is a good atmosphere here and it shows. Stop working? I should not think! I do this work continues with heart and soul. "

Yvonne van der Staak
"Since I work here, I go every day whistling to work. We work with a small but very experienced team. The lines are short and that will benefit the client. It's a varied job in a dynamic working atmosphere, where the client is central. "

Team physician assistants Schimmert

Suzan Rucinski
"I think it's important that a client is taken seriously and feel well supported. It always makes me feel good when people say afterwards that they are so happy that they came. Our approach is very different from a regular hospital, and that makes clients too."

Solange Habets-Deckers
Working as an assistant in care is my passion. I love to take care for people. Of course there is first family, patients and colleagues.