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Mr. M. from Tilburg
"I initially had doubts about the usefulness of a check-up. I am a 55 year old catering business, sports regularly and felt fit. After prostate cancer was found for me by Dr. Van Zandvoort, I was shocked. Fortunately made ​​a quick reference to an understanding and knowledgeable urologist in Turnhout fast for clarity. The urologist told me that I was on time and that the chances of recovery were great. The treatment consists of an internal radiation with needles has now been completed. I'm back to work and I feel very fit. "

Ms. S. from Weert
"Through my work I have recently inspected by the Dr. Keulen Kliniek. Of this biennial inspection may be with us - we have a shipping company - widely used for years. After I had heard stories from colleagues about the results (with some serious things were found and others were suddenly stopped exercising or smoking), I was curious about my own body. The tests were not boring and it was nothing serious fortunately discovered. I only had an elevated cholesterol level. The doctor told me to good nutrition guidelines to follow, but drug treatment did not make sense in my situation. "

Mr. G. from Maastricht
"I'm known for years for an approval to Dr. Keulen Kliniek. This inspection is mandatory because in the soil is. Friendly and helped me quickly and I always get the results yourself home. Highly recommended! "