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Ozone therapy

Ozontherapie is an effective, safe and natural therapy. It can help with poor immunity, chronic fatigue and circulation problems. The Dr. Keulen Kliniek adjusts ozone therapy has increased since 1987 and thus achieved good results.

Ozone therapy works in:

  • chronic infections
  • chronic fatigue
  • liver disease
  • chronic pain (rheumatism and nervous disorders)
  • circulation problems in legs, heart and brains
  • chronic ulcers / open leg wound

How does it work
Ozone has been 100 years since an important position in medicine. It is a natural healing, because no drugs are used and the therapy is harmless.

What does ozone?
Ozone is a molecule. It is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). Ozone has the property that it disinfects and bacteria, fungi and viruses harmless. It improves circulation and oxygen to the organs and tissues. Ozone stimulates the immune system and bring new energy into all parts of the body. It is ideal as a base therapy for all chronic diseases.

How does it work in practice?
The principle is very simple. In ozone therapy, a small amount of blood mixed with an oxygen-ozone mixture. Through a drip, we catch about 75 ml of blood into a sterile bottle. This blood is taken and mixed with onstolbaar onzongas. Then your blood drips slowly through drip back into the vein. This is done under the supervision of a physician.

Ozone therapy is:

  • immune tonic
  • bacterial and virucidal
  • analgesic
  • promoting blood circulation

Ozone therapy is used in the Dr. Keulen Kliniek Schimmert and Tilburg. The ozone is administered with an infusion, under control of our medical staff. The cure is safe and painless.

How long is it?
You arrive 1 to 2 times per week to the Dr. Keulen Kliniek. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. Depending on the severity and nature of the disease, you have 5 to 15 treatments. Then sometimes a maintenance therapy.

Are there side effects?
Ozone therapy has no side effects, it lacks the right way and the right amount is administered. When Dr. Keulen Kliniek is why working with a computerized device that ozone concentrations and ozone creates in precise quantities. The therapy is performed by a specialist doctor.