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Biofeedback strain limit examination

It’s our lifestyle, what we eat, how we exercise, how we cope with stress, etc. that greatly influences our state of health. Especially the way we cope with stress is of great importance in these times of great work pressure. In order to investigate and to measure this, we use an innovative method: the biofeedback strain limit examination. This examination is performed by a specialized physician. At the time of the intake, he uses, among other things, the information that was obtained from earlier check-ups. During the interview and the biofeedback strain limit examination, the relation between psychological strain and physical resilience becomes clear.

What is biofeedback?
Making a profile is an integrated part of our intake procedure. In order to make it, we use biofeedback machinery. Biofeedback is a method that provides certain physiological processes on a monitor through the use of electrodes that are placed on the body. These processes form a direct indication for stress (heart rate, muscle tension, skin temperature, blood pressure and skin resilience). It functions as a mirror showing how someone copes with stress. The client gains insight – in a simple and painless way- into what interior and exterior stress (which can be divided into self pressure and work pressure) can do to various bodily functions. Certain trains of thought or emotions can increase muscle tension considerably, while relaxation or calm, deep breathing can incur the opposite.

Together, the intake, the vitality and risk examinations and the biofeedback strain limit examination take about an hour and a half. Using the outcomes of these tests, the client receives specific and practical advice on how to cope with physical en psychological complaints. If necessary, the physician can make a follow-up appointment with the client.