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Laser hair removal

Most people like her much, except on the body. This applies to women and men. Do you suffer from excess hair, then laser hair removal might be the right solution to your problem. Within our location in Schimmert visit for laser hair removal. We do this in collaboration with Chantal Sniekers ATS Clinic.

Who is it suitable?
Laser hair removal is especially useful if you have dark hair and a light tough skin.

How does it work?
In Schimmert we apply the latest laser hair removal technique. With this technique, we will remove the hairs that are currently available. The laser damages the germ cells around the hair follicles, causing hair growth is significantly slowed or even stopped. Five to twenty days after treatment, the hair falls out. Because there are always hairs in the growth phase, and therefore not visible during treatment, is always a sequel treatment. It until all the hairs in the growth phase treated. In general, this means five to seven treatments, with an interval of four to ten weeks.

Is it a permanent solution?
Although laser hair removal is an excellent technique, we can not guarantee 100% that the solution is permanent. It can prevent the body in the years after creating new hair. Any treatment may be needed.

Your laser specialist

Chantal Sniekers

"As a specialist in laser am every day with people involved. That is very satisfactory. People with a problem and I can solve it! To this day I still work with pleasure and dedication, you can either use laser specialist because people really happy! "


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