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Heart ultrasonograph

Apart from the well-known ECG or EKG, it is also possible to look inside the heart through an ultrasonography. This painless examination is completely harmless to health and provides a ton of information about the pump function and the complicated structures within the heart. Heart ultrasonography enables us to map out even the smallest details inside the heart. For example, we can measure the thickness of the myocardium and determine the size of the atria and chambers in the heart accurately. Also, we are able to register any heart valve deviations. On the basis of the moving images on a monitor, we are enabled to make exact judgments about the condition of your heart. Such examinations are meant for anyone who wishes to know more about the condition of his or her heart. This examination is designed especially for persons who think they have a heart condition, high blood pressure, who are diabetics or practice sports intensively. Acute heart failure, which, unfortunately, is very common, can be recognized and treated in an early stage in a large number of cases.