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Laboratory tests

An extensive laboratory test (blood, urine, stool), like the Dr. Keulen Kliniek performs as a standard, provides information about a lot of aspects within your body and about your state of health.

Through the blood:

  • heart (GOT/CK/LDH)
  • liver (GammaGT/ GPT/GOT)
  • bile (GammaGT/ AF)
  • pancreas (amylase)
  • muscles (CK/ GPT)
  • kidneys (creatinine/ urea)
  • fat metabolism (cholesterol/ HDL/ triglycerides)
  • minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphate)
  • protein metabolism (total protein/ albumin/ uronic acid, urea)
  • diabetes (glucose/ HBA-1C)
  • anemia (Hb/ HT/ mcv)
  • infection/ inflammation (BSE/ leukocyte differentiation/ CRP)
  • thrombosis (platelets)

Through urine:

  • specific gravity
  • number of leukocytes (inflammation cells)
  • PH (acid value)
  • nitrite (bacteria)
  • protein – glucose (sugar)
  • ketone bodies (degradation substances)
  • urobilinogen and bilirubin (bile pigments)
  • blood

Many other laboratory tests can also be performed upon request, for example into:

  • trace elements (selenium, zinc)
  • heavy metals (lead, chrome, cadmium)
  • thyroid function