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Exercise is good and fits in well with an aim for a healthier lifestyle. Still, exercising more (suddenly) can incur a health risk. Not every heart is suitable for large amounts of exercise. By means of an exercise test, we can examine the cardiac action during exercise. In the rest situation, the heart only has to pump smaller amounts and it only needs a small amount of oxygen (blood). More exercise requires more oxygen. By means of the bicycle test, during which the heart is checked constantly, we measure the load limit and we can establish any deviations at an early stage. 

After a doctor has examined whether it is safe to perform a bicycle test, and individually set protocol is carried out next. During and directly after the exercise, a 12-channel ECG is registered continuously. Not only is the ECG visible on the monitor, automatic measurements are also performed on the myocardium. Depending on age and physical condition, the strain is increased to a maximally allowed heart rate. After the test, which usually takes about 15 minutes, the data is analyzed and written out. On the basis of any possible changes on the exercise ECG, we can draw conclusions regarding physical condition, the nature and the severity of any deviations. With this examination, we can track down possible deviations in an early stage, avoiding damage to the heart and the blood vessels. The results may lead to a solid advice about the strain limits and possible exercise possibilities.