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Customes satisfaction

The Dr. Keulen Kliniek aims for customer satisfaction. We therefore ask our customers always followed by a questionnaire. Then they can indicate their level of satisfaction.

From the results we may infer that 99% of our customers are satisfied with the way we work. What they especially mention the positive points as professionalism, the short waiting times and the personal approach.

Not satisfied?
If unfortunately something not to your liking, then let us know! A complaint or wish we consider a free consultation. It allows us to continue our quality tightening. You can mention your complaint directly to the questionnaire or pass it on to the employee (s). They take your comments seriously. Each comment is recorded and analyzed. Together with you we are looking for a good solution.

The Dr. Keulen Kliniek is affiliated with an independent complaints committee. Where to go if you feel your complaint has not been properly resolved. In our practice it has never happened that a client uses them. Yet we find it important to offer this possibility. At our office you can request a complaint form. After you fill out the form to:

Dr. Keulen Kliniek
Nieuwstraat 49a
6333 AN Schimmert