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Frequently asked questions!

Most examinations (ultrasound, MRI, etc .) are completely harmless. Only a CAT scan is not without risks, due to the X-rays. A CAT scan will therefore only be made when this is absolutely necessary.

A CAT scan takes less time than an MRI scan and delivers sharp images.  An MRI scan takes longer and shows more detail of soft tissue. For detecting a hernia or a shoulder dysfunction for instance, this scan is ideal.

The doctor’s advise is focused on potential health risks you run. A healthy lifestyle is important, but possibly changing your lifestyle  is your own choice. You do not have to apologize for your weight, smoking or alcohol consumption.

The MRI scan, also called the ‘total body  scan’ nowadays, is very popular. We do not normally recommend a full body scan however, since these kind of scans are superficial and don’t provide any information about the functioning of your organs. We only use the MRI scan for specific cases to examine small targeted areas.

We offer many different examination packages, so the price depends  on your own personal wishes. The packages itself range from 39 euros for a blood test, to 1892 euros for the most comprehensive  package. The Dr. Keulen Kliniek has competitive rates. If you are comparing us to other clinics, carefully examine what examinations you will be getting for your money, since we offer more extensive  packages than most other clinics.

It is possible that your health insurance covers certain examinations (partly). However, you should check this with your insurance company. For companies, costs are often deductible.

There are no age restrictions when it comes to having  your own health examined. Nowadays, people live more intensively and demand more from themselves. Our lifestyle has changed as well in recent decades; we move less and eat more (unhealthy food). This increases the health risks. Preventive medicine is therefore not just a luxury, even if you are only 40 years old. 

No, the examinations are painless. At most you will feel the prick of the needle, but our nurses are very careful and experienced.

No, it is possible to come to the Dr. Keulen Kliniek without a referral.

Yes. The Dr. Keulen Kliniek does not provide medical data to third parties without your permission, not even your employer. Our employees have an obligation to secrecy.