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Preventive medical examinations

Work method
You fill out a questionnaire before the evaluation takes place which your doctor uses to determine your previous medical history, or ‘anamnesis’.

On the day of your evaluation, you are given a warm welcome at the practice of your choice: Tilburg or Schimmert. The evaluation starts with an extensive conversation with the doctor, followed directly by the evaluation. The doctor and a few specially trained assistants are there to help. Once that is complete, you will have another talk with the doctor, who will run through the results with you. The evaluation takes a total of two to five hours, depending on the evaluation package you have chosen.

You will receive a clear and comprehensive report within 10 days of your visit. The report contains information such as the results of your various evaluations and letters for your doctor or GP. The report also contains personalised health recommendations. If you so wish, you can call the doctor who saw you or make an appointment for a verbal explanation.

We ask fixed, very reasonable, rates for our evaluations. We can give you a custom-made quote for staff groups. Businesses can often deduct the costs as a business expense.

We guarantee your privacy at all times. We will not disclose your evaluation results to third parties, unless you give your permission to do so. Our staff are subject to a confidentiality requirement.

A list of advantages:
• The evaluations take up no more than half a day;
• We follow established protocols;
• We discuss virtually every result directly with you;
• You are sent a comprehensive report by mail within 10 days of your visit; it includes expert advice on  how to improve your health.

In most cases, the results of your health evaluation will put your mind at ease. However, if we do discover a problem, you can rely on the Dr Keulen Clinic's excellent aftercare services. The doctor who took your evaluation will contact your family doctor or specialist, but only after consulting with you first. The Dr Keulen Clinic has a comprehensive network of specialists in hospitals. We can act on your behalf if you need follow-up treatment or an operation.

Periodic comparison
An evaluation is like a snapshot in time, which is why it is a good idea to retake the evaluation once a year. If you are younger than 50, once every two years will suffice. This means we can compare your data and help you find the best way to improve your health.